Dear Fashion Diary,

Well we’re back! Lake Powell was Absolutely amazing in every way. 
Sometimes you just need to sit in the front of a boat speeding through the clear water, with the wind in your face and cool water spray
 cooling  you off with each bounce of the waves.
It was so nice to finally unwind and get a break from work.
It was really nice to get home to Peanut though! 
Never thought I’d miss a puppy so much.

Well anyway, I leave you all with a fashion post from last October.
Punctual, I know. 
Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Top/Shoes/Necklace:Charlotte Russe//Skirt:XXI//Watch:Charming Charlie

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There Once Was A Little Dog Named Peanut.

Dear Fashion Diary,

Here are the first complete set of photos of our new puppie, Peanut
as promised! I know I know, the suspense was just killing you, right?!
I kindof mixed them in with normal outfit photos so there’s a few of each. 
He’s a Jack Russel Terrier mixed with Yorkie and we are in Love.
And yes, we totally are that couple that dotes on their dog
as if it’s their child….lol never thought that’d be me!
Before you get too worried- no I will Not buy him clothes ever at any point ever 😉
Let’s not get crazy here.

Skirt:Thrifted (Goodwill)///Cardigan:Wet Seal//Wedges:Ross//Necklace:Charming Charlie//Dog:Craigslist (LOL)

Anyways, how is your summer going? Full of adventures I hope!
You all have a fabulous week, we will be getting thoroughly and wonderfully sunburned at Lake Powell! Happy Summer!

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Beverly Swimwear Retro Swimsuit!

Dear Fashion Diary,

As usual, I meant to post sooner, but alas life happened as it always does. 
Which is ok! So here we are. Anyhoo- here’s the retro swimsuit
review I promised. I’ve been super excited about this for a while!
I’m a little self-conscious of photos of myself in a swimsuit….so please do be kind lol!

My whole life I’ve been annoyed that I could never find a modest, one piece swimsuit that didn’t look like something a froo-froo grandma would wear in the 90’s. And most importantly, if I ever DID find a vintage/ modest swimsuit, it was always way waaaaay out of my price range. 

Well not anymore, ladies!

Beverly Swimwear is a vintage-inspired swimsuit shop online with affordable prices!
Every suit is completely customizeable too. Once you pick the suit you want, you can also pick what  patterns (stripes, polkadots, etc) and colors you want. 
You can even get my suit in a totally different color palette!

You also send in your exact measurements to ensure the suit fits you well.

little Peanut wanted in on the fun too. If only there were a way to cross through the water without getting wet!

Beverly sews each swimsuit herself, too- so you know each one is a quality suit!
Here is an example of  how much $$$ suits of this type usually go for. I used to dream of owning this outlandishly expensive Modcloth  suit at a whopping $106 dollars. Or this option for $124 dollars. And that’s BEFORE shipping!
I literally can’t imagine spending around $140 just for a swimsuit.
Beverly’s prices are unbeatable, especially for a handmade suit that is completely customizeable to your style.

Last of all, I think my very favorite part about my swimsuit is that it’s modest.
It can be very frustrating when the only cute options in swimwear are bikinis!
Personally I choose not to wear bikinis, and I have always had 
the hardest time finding cute one-pieces.
I am beyond thrilled with my new retro swimsuit!

P.S. Beverly is also a total peach to work with. We had a slight issue with my order, so I emailed her about it and she always answers right away and fixed the problem immediately. She even re-made my swimsuit for me! 
She is very professional and extremely nice. 
From start to finish I highly recommend Beverly Swimwear.
So go visit Beverly Swimwear and check out her handmade creations :)


Dear Fashion Diary,

Do you have that piece of clothing
 that makes you feel like “frolicking” through a field of daisies when you wear it? 
That’s what this skirt is to me. 
Then again, that may be my motivation for buying half the things I wear….
If it makes me want to frolick- I’ll buy it 😉 
I realize this is probably girly overload, but sometimes the extra extra girly side of me 
just comes out ya know?
Sometimes just what I need are some sparkly shoes, some pretty floral and some lace. 
Don’t we all? :) 

Skirt:DownEast Basics//Lace shrug:F21//Belt:Target//Shoes:Old Navy

Soon To Come!

Dear Fashion Diary, 

So…. Who knows what’s really going on with GFC and all that afterall.. I’ve heard several different things and I still see all my followers (unless that’s a cruel mirage…) so for now I’m just going to keep on posting as usual. 
Not sure if all my followers can still see it but oh well!

I am so sad that my poor neglected blog has been so ignored lately….but life just never seems to slow down does it?? So I’m hoping this makes up for my lack of posts. Here is a little sneak peek of all the posts I have coming up! So excited for these!


An awesome swimsuit review!

 Swimsuit: Beverly Swimwear

Dress: TJMaxx

A lot of sewing alterations that I am teaching myself to do! (Altered Dress above, altered skirt below)
Skirt: F21 (altered)/ Lace top: TJ Maxx

Dress: Vintage (altered)

Aaaaand….. the online introduction of our little pup, Peanut!!!! 
Can’t wait for all of you to “meet” him!
Cardi: Wet Seal/ Skirt: Thrifted Goodwill

I love our little Peanut.

Top: Thrifted Goodwill./ Pants: (altered) Charlotte Russe/ Shoes: Target (buy here)

Dress: F21/ Skirt under:F21/ Cardi: Gap

And last of all- the debut of my first totally-homemade skirt, inspired from a Pinterest pin. 
It’s so much more exciting to get dressed in the morning 
when you sewed the stuff you’re wearing!
Skirt: Homemade by me/ Blazer:F21/ Top: Old Navy

So once again I apologize for posting so sporadically. I really want to post more often! 
So until then, here’s a little taste of what’s to come soon so that you don’t completely give up on The House of Shoes :) Thank you to all my absolutely wonderful followers! 
Hope you have a fantastic 4th of July! We’re headed off to San Diego, can’t wait!

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HURRY! GFC Ends Tomorrow.

So I know I am Wayyy behind on this but I thought I’d do one last cry for help
for all of my lovely followers to import me to their new blog list on Bloglovin
I am so upset that all of us will lose our followers when 
Google Reader  (GFC) ends tomorrow :( I don’t see any reason why
we all have to lose our followers because of an update, but that’s the sad truth!

I’m hoping this Link takes you to a page where you can Import all of your Google Reader followers to Bloglovin!
Just click Import and all the blogs you follow should import onto Bloglovin. 
So please please hurry before tomorrow to import all the blogs you follow! 

Since I’m most likely getting out the word too late, 
this is probably a farewell to most of you :(
It’s been grand, and I want to thank all of you for being such great followers! 
Hope to see you on the other side, loves!

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Dear Fashion Diary,

These are from our trip to Utah a while back for General Conference!
It takes place in Salt Lake, Utah and we happen to have a lot of family and friends in that area so we were excited to get to see so many people along with attending the conference.
This is me standing by the Salt Lake temple,
which is Huge and absolutely breathtaking-especially in real life. 

I took advantage of the slightly cooler temperatures and layered to my heart’s content! 
Sadly I haven’t had a chance to wear this cute blazer since this trip {it’s 112 here now…}
but I look forward to Fall already so that I can layer once again! 
The strawberry pin I’m wearing was my grandmother’s pin, and it makes me 
proud to wear it because my grandmother was one of the most
fashionable women I knew!! 
I’ll have to post some awesome model-esque photos of her one day.

Polkadot Top/Blazer:F21///Pants:Target///Necklace:CharmingCharlie///Flats:Old Navy
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Really Old Photos

Dear Fashion Diary,

Here’s yet another example of how behind I am at getting stuff up online… 
This was from my birthday…
…..in November…..
Clearly I need a new system here, none of my posts are in order!
The good news is I’m slowly chipping away at my list! 
Better late than never I suppose.

Anyway- unfortunately we had to fit in some outfit pictures at night, otherwise known as 
the kiss of death for a fashion blogger. 
But here’s a few shots anyway! I loved the vintage vibe I was feelin 
with the 1969 line of Gap jeans and the trench. This is 
another example of a photo that’s very similar to some photos of my mom. 
I was so born in the wrong era! 
So we ended up driving around Phoenix for once, I loved it! We went to this 
ADORABLE old soda fountain place that doubles as a vintage clothing boutique!
{I was in heaven} Then we went to this amazing outdoor mall with 
an actual Jcrew. This mall even does Movie Under the Stars nights outside!
Overall it was a great night :)

Trench:F21//Jeans:Gap//Top:Old Navy//Necklace:Charlotte Russe

We had a blast. It was such a great birthday!

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Secondhand Similes

Dear Fashion Diary,

I have found a new thrift store! Well, new to me. It’s always a good day when I can find more thrifted goodies. It’s called My Sister’s Closet, and I am in love! 
When I saw this amazing pink dress with a Barney’s tag on it, 
 I had to control myself from running to the cash register. 
I also found this authentically vintage coat at Goodwill!! 
It’s so 60’s I love it. Really though it was the buttons that sold me on it.
What thrifted treasures have you found lately?
Here’s hoping the thrift fairies are smiling down on you!

I may have gone overboard in this shoot..haha

Dress/Coat: thrifted//Belt:Etsy//Necklace:Charming Charlie//Shoes/T-shirt:Charlotte Russe

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Ice Cream

Dear Fashion Diary,

Wow. How did I let this sad little blog of mine go ignored for 2 weeks?!
I’m sorry, Fashion Diary!!
But, it is for good reason-we got a PUPPY!!! I have been 
having the time of my life learning how to train
the little guy and give him the love he needs :) 
We named him Peanut & he is the cutest little thing.
Pictures to come soon for sure! 
{you can also find pics of him on my Instagram—->}

As for the outfit, it reminds me of metropolitan ice cream for some reason.
I just have an addiction to pairing pastels together!
I already had this outfit in my mind when I spotted this peplum top
 and immediately fell in love. I love how it’s not your typical sweetheart neckline!
This look is unabashedly girly and I don’t mind one bit! 

Top&Belt:F21///Pants:Charlotte Russe///Shoes:Ross

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